Shincheonji: Who’s Lee Man Hee

Lee Man Hee is popularly known as the founder of Shincheonji church of Jesus in South Korea. Born in 1931, Lee Man Hee established the Christian religious group in 1984. Since then, Shincheonji has thousands of followers. But lots of individuals belonging to other religious groups accuse Lee Man Hee motion of being a religious cult because of his odd teachings. Lee Man Hee claims that he is the pastor promised from the Bible, and those members who don’t join the group won’t be forgiven during the conclusion day.

Lee Man Hee has have been accused of being a false prophet. However, individuals that are already members of Shincheonji believe in his teaching and asserts he’s the true pastor who is capable of converting the secret parables in the Bible. Ahead of the Shincheonji cult started, Lee Man Hee was a part of another controversial religious group, Olive Tree. He was also a member of another religious movement called the Tabernacle Temple. Lee Man Hee also served in the Korean War and worked as a farmer in his village, Punggak, after coming out of the war.

Shincheonji is associated with several controversies regarding their teachings as well as claims. The church has followers from South Korea and other areas. The custom of spiritual cult has become very controversial lately ruining many people’s lifestyle. Within this world, where there are so many religious groups and believes, people today are producing their own religious movement and bringing people into following them. If you don’t know yet, a new religious group or movement is originated from modern beliefs.

There are now hundreds of new religious groups appearing in different places, the majority of which are believed to be a religious cult. If you’re somewhere from South Korea, you ought to be well informed about the church Shincheonji, and its own instructions. If you would like to learn more about Lee Man Hee’s teachings, you are able to do thorough research concerning his church and asserts. That’s all you want to know about Lee Man Hee and his motion.

Shincheonji became one of those fastest-growing religious sects in South Korea. Besides its birthplace, the offshoot brand new Christian spiritual movement is widely spread across the world. The Tabernacle temple of the testimony actively works in various cultural activities and participates in volunteer efforts. The church conducts many social-action organizations. Among the most popular events is that the Olympics-style athletics festival.

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