Pacific West Academy – Providing Comprehensive Training

Does anyone want to take their executive protection career to greater heights? This may be possible with the advanced protection training course provided by Pacific West Academy. This course is designed to upgrade the security officers and enforcement personnel’s protection capabilities and train them for working as a team. Besides, it aims to award successful trainees with formal certification. Thus, if anyone has previous experiences working as law enforcement or executive protection personnel, their search may be over. The advanced executive course is a step in the right direction.

The Pacific West Academy designed the advanced course to build on the trainees’ fundamental knowledge and deliver outstanding results. This course imparts practical and classroom training that allows trainees to work in a security team. It is in collaboration with the Israeli Tactical School. Thus, before protecting others, anyone can protect their future by taking a certificate course in this advanced training.

As expected from any advanced course, trainees will benefit from the in-depth training that serves as the channel for reaching new career heights. The PWA covers a host of procedures, subjects, and eventualities in its training programs. Thus, individuals completing the course will gain a wide-ranging knowledge about advanced security techniques required in the protection field. Besides, the certificate will be a valuable asset to one’s professional resume. This course covers every area of executive protection in detail. For instance, trainees will be working on their fitness too. Box drills and training drills are incorporated as well. Trainees will also gain insight on how to plan, execute, and manage a motorcade. A comprehensive guide on planning and conducting high-end security operations will be given to trainees.

While the Academy’s thirty-two hours advanced course is grueling, a hands-on approach makes sure that all trainees find the time enjoyable too. The Pacific West Academy also recognizes the need to include combat training in the advanced training course. For this, it offers two types of training. These are the advanced combat techniques and thorough knowledge in weapon deployment. Thus, this course will help trainees in finding better jobs in the security sector.

With the help of all Pacific West Academy, folks may acquire all the necessary information, skills, and comprehension in becoming successful executive safety and protection candidates. The knowledge that individuals gain from such an agency will train them and offer many different opportunities.

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